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What is flexible Stone veneer or Stone Veneer Sheets?

Flexible Stone Veneer: – This is a modern concept, to peal the Natural stone thin layer from large format slate stone. Further backed it with fiber mesh for best  stone veneer panels. Slate laminates are environment friendly, lightweight, fast delivery, big format, color consistent and water resistant. In addition Stone veneer sheets are flexible and recommended on plain and curved surfaces. Certainly stone veneer panels are Eco-friendly. Especially Many thin slate sheets of  stone veneer are produced from one large format slate stone. Therefore it save the Slate rock  which can be used for centuries. In addition it is Water resistant – can use as bathroom wall tiles, pools area & kitchen tiles.  Furthermore Stone veneer increase the use of slate stone and provide free hand to architects for their innovation. Quick Installation can be done with Lightweight & Big format of flexible stone veneer.

New Concept of Translucent stone veneer has further enhanced the beauty of stone.  Backlit Stone Veneer and Translucent Stone panels are light pass stone sheets.

Certainly Stone veneer sheets are Natural stone product. Therefore  it has variation in color and texture. But when produced from one large stone, multiple sheets have same texture and color. Furthermore stone laminates are 2 mm thick. Stone veneer is prepared from Slate Stone, Schist, marble & Sandstone. It is also called as Marble veneer.

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