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Flexible Stone veneer sheets micro thin and Translucent

Flexible Stone veneer sheets micro thin and Translucent

What is Flexible Stone veneer sheets.

Stone veneer sheets are 2mm micro thin sheets of stone veneer, prepared with a thin layer say 1mm of natural slate stone, marble stone or sandstone, backed with fiber mesh to strengthen and support the stone. The process of preparing the stone veneer is to peal the stone thin layer from the stone tiles and support with fiber mesh.

This is the modern and economical concept of installing fireplaces, exterior and interior walls with stone veneer sheets. Stone Veneer sheets are natural stone veneer processed from Natural Slate Stone, Natural Sandstone and Natural marbles.

More about Flexible Stone veneer sheets.

Flexible Stone veneer sheet micro thin and translucent
We process more than 22 colors of Stone veneer.
Stone veneer sheets are processed in two regular sizes – 610x1220x2mm and 1220x2440x2mm.
Natural Stone colors – Slate Stone, Sandstone and Marble.
Thickness – 2mm.
Minimum order quantity – 250 (610×1220) / 125 (big) sheets
Standard Shipment – Via Sea in full container or club shipments.


Flexible stone veneer sheets specifications:-

Light weight
Flexible to use on curved and round surfaces.
Translucent  stone veneer is used with backlit for decoration purpose.
Stone Veneer is very Easy to install.
Slate veneer being it is light weight, it is Easy to handle.
Stone tiles are generally used in small formats, being it is heavy to hand whereas Stone veneer is light weight and processed in Large formats for easy handling and quick installation.
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Color Consistency – Stone veneer sheets are processed from large stones and many sheets can be prepared from one stone, therefore home owners and architects can play with the natural color and consistency.
Quick supplies – Quick supplies is possible being just a small crate load of 250 sheets can cover a large area of approx 180 square meter.
Large variety of colors – Where to buy stone veneer?  Furthermore we have more than 22 colors of stone veneer sheets with best quality and quick supply.
Top layer 100% Natural Stone guarantee – Hence a Natural stone product and we guarantee it.

We are Flexible Stone veneer sheets micro thin and Translucent Suppliers from India. Finally we request You to visit us or contact us for your slate stone veneer requirements. Especially to decorate your fireplace or your home interior and exterior.

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