Flexible Stone Veneer prices

Flexible Stone Veneer prices

What is flexible Stone veneer sheets?
We are thin stone veneer suppliers in India based in Jaipur. Furthermore Flexible stone veneer sheets are thin (1-2mm) sheets of Natural slate stone in the size of 610x1220mm which is 2ft x 4ft pealed out from the natural slate stone and backed by fiber mesh to support and strengthen the stone for installing on interior and exterior walls.
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Supply of flexible stone veneer sheets:-
People always asked us who is the Stone veneer supplier near me. Especially We always advised them that we supply stone veneer online. Therefore, Just confirm your order online through email, pay the money and finally we can deliver you the Stone veneer sheets India, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi or any city in India or overseas like Indonesia, Malaysia, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Canada, United States, Middle east like Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain. European countries like France, spain, Germany, Netherland, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Romania etc.

Can we use stone veneer on curved walls or round columns?
Yes, We are stone veneer manufacturers India. Hence we confirm that stone veneers are also called as flexible stone veneer sheets because these are flexible and therefor can be installed on curved walls, round columns easily.

What is Lowes Stone Veneer?
Flexible stone veneer sheets supplied to Lowes are furthermore sold by their Brand name Lowes and called as Lowes stone veneer.

What is Flexible Stone veneer Prices FOB India:-

Peoples are always asking what is stone veneer lowest price. Flexible stone veneer price depends on various factors like whether it has to be sold in India or overseas.

  1. Flexible Stone veneer India – Especially, Apart from base price, buyer has to pay GST 18% plus the transportation charges upto his city. Especially Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai are regular customers. In Addition Stone veneer sheets Bangalore and Stone veneer sheets Pune are our regular customers.
  2. Stone veneer Canada – For Exports supply, Special packaging for intact delivery, In addition Custom clearance and freight has to be paid upto the destination sea port  / airport of the buyer. Furthermore, Stone veneer Indonesia and Stone Veneer Malaysia people accepted this modern concept and they use it frequently in their interior and exterior.

 New Year 2019 Offer Price :- On the Occassion of New Year 2019, Dharti Craft, offered special price of flelxible Stone veneer Prices Jaipur as Rs.71/sqft including GST and valid for this week booking upto 8th January 2019.
Minimum Order quantity is 200 sheets (2ft x 4ft) in India.
Payments – Advance by Bank Transfer
Color option – 20 Plus colors

Contact us for your your requirement of Flexible Stone Veneer prices Jaipur India :-

By email –  dharticraft@gmail.com
By whatsapp – +91 9414077044

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