Flexible Stone Veneer prices

Flexible Stone Veneer prices What is flexible Stone veneer sheets? We are thin stone veneer suppliers in India based in Jaipur. Furthermore Flexible stone veneer sheets are thin (1-2mm) sheets of Natural slate stone in the size of 610x1220mm which is 2ft x 4ft pealed out from the natural slate stone and backed by fiber […]

stone veneer sheets of Burning forest slate yellow ash grey yellow color

Flexible Stone veneer sheets micro thin and Translucent

Flexible Stone veneer sheets micro thin and Translucent What is Flexible Stone veneer sheets. Stone veneer sheets are 2mm micro thin sheets of stone veneer, prepared with a thin layer say 1mm of natural slate stone, marble stone or sandstone, backed with fiber mesh to strengthen and support the stone. The process of preparing the […]

How to Select the right Natural Stone

There are various type of Natural stones available in INDIA. Main categories are: GRANITE, MARBLE, TRAVERTINE, SLATE, QUARTZITE, SANDSTONE AND LIMESTONE. We should choose the stone depending upon the area environment (Look of the area) and its usage. SLATE STONE: These are the softest stone and can be pealed out with any regular pressure. These […]