How to Install Stone Veneer Panels

Installing of stone veneer or flexible stone veneer laminates is very Simple. Anyone can do it yourself just with the help of some normal tools. Let's proceed with how to install stone veneer panels

Tools required for Installation

A Cutter, A Grinder with few rubbing pads, A L Scale and A Adhesive for pasting.

How to Install Stone Veneer Panels

Measure your wall and select number of sheets accordingly and lay down on the floor and cut the last pieces as per required size. Rub the edges for better edge finish / smoothness. If you have any electric outlet or any point on the wall prepare a small paper as per the size of that outlet. Measure the distance from left and right ends and fix the paper exactly the same place on the laid piece as it should be on the wall and mark them with a marker and cut it with cutter.

Start Installing Stone Veneer panels

Once all the pieces are cut and ready as per your dimension of the wall. Also they are laid exactly same as you want them on the wall. MARK THEM in numbers from top to bottom or reverse order as you feel easy to install. Marking the number will help us to paste one by one without getting confused while installation. After all the work is done. Now you can start installing stone veneer  either from bottom to top or top to bottom.  Reverse the first sheet and put the Adhesive by making  number of  squares inserted with X of approx 2ft by 2ft or smaller on the laminates. Now the back is glued with adhesive and you can paste it on the wall as designed / preset / numbered.

You can install Slate Stone Laminates the same way, number by number and you are done. You need to take help of a ladder while you go up the wall for slate veneer installation.  Hope it's done and you understand it. All the best to you.
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How to install stone veneer panels
How to install stone veneer