flexible stone veneer sheets of Indian Autumn slate in 2mm thickness

Flexible Stone Veneer India

Flexible Stone Veneer India Flexible Stone Veneer from India is prepared from Natural Slate Stone. These are thin stone sheets of Slate stone 1.5 to 2.0mm thick. In addition these are lightweight, flexible, big formats and eco-friendly. Especially this is Modern concept of decorating walls, columns, cabinets etc.  In addition micro thin slate veneer is […]

Silver Gray Stone veneer panels or thin sheets for wall covering

Stone veneer sheets Jaipur

Stone Veneer Sheets Jaipur What is Stone veneer sheets Jaipur? We are Stone Veneer sheets Jaipur supplier based in Pinkcity India. Furthermore Flexible stone veneer sheets are thin (1-2mm) sheets of Natural slate stone in the size of 610x1220mm which is 2ft x 4ft pealed out from the natural slate stone and backed by fiber […]